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Former - Health Claims
Children Under Two Years of Age

There is no prohibition in the Food and Drug Regulations against the use of health claims on foods for children under two years of age with the exception of disease risk reduction claims and therapeutic claims.

Disease Risk Reduction Claims and Therapeutic Claims

Disease risk reduction claims (definition) are not permitted on foods that are intended solely to be consumed by children less than two years of age, such as infant cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables [B.01.601(1)(c)(i), FDR]. Likewise, the new claims set out in Health Canada's Health Claim Assessments that are not in the FDR are only for use on food for adults.

Nutrient Function Claims for Children Under Two Years of Age

The following nutrient function claims for folate should not be used on foods intended solely for children under two years of age:

  • a factor in normal early fetal development, and
  • a factor in the normal early development of the fetal brain and spinal cord.

Refer to the Acceptable Nutrient Function Claims Table for more information.

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