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Labelling requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables
Common name - fresh fruits or vegetables

Every container of fresh fruits or vegetables must be labelled with a common name (definition). Since fresh fruits or vegetables do not have prescribed names in any Regulations, the name by which the food is generally known is acceptable as a common name [B.01.001(1), B.01.006, FDR; 1, 218(1)(a), SFCR].

Prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables are exempt from declaring a common name if:

The common name must be shown on the principal display panel (definition) [218(1)(a), SFCR; B.01.006(1), FDR], and for consumer prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables, in letters at least 1.6 mm in height [210(2), SFCR]. For prepackaged other than consumer prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables, the common name must be readily discernible and legible to the purchaser under customary conditions of purchase and use [208, SFCR; A.01.016, FDR]. For more information, refer to Common Name.

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