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Archived - Fish Products Inspection Manual
Chapter 1 - Introduction

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1. Purpose of the Manual

The purpose of the Fish Products Inspection Manual is to provide Inspectors with the policies and procedures to be employed when applying the Fish Inspection Regulations and other related regulations governing the inspection of fish and fish products. It will contribute to the uniformity of interpretation and consistency in the application of regulations. The manual provides more detail than is possible in regulations, but does not by itself have any legal standing.

This manual is not intended to be all inclusive. It is to be used in conjunction with other appropriate source material to provide the interpretation tools required by inspectors in the inspection of fish and fish products. It is meant to be a reference source and not a training manual.

This manual does not contain the official grade standards described for various fish products nor the policies or procedures governing facility inspections. These topics are addressed in the Standards and Methods Manual and the Facilities Inspection Manual respectively.

2. Organization of the Manual

The Fish Products Inspection Manual - Policies and Procedures is divided into chapters of related inspection elements which are further sub-divided into subjects.

As a general rule, each subject contains a number of standard headings. When the nature of the subject does not lend itself to the standard format, other appropriate headings are used.


Describes the subject to be covered and identifies any exclusions. It also makes reference to other subjects and chapters within the manual and other related manuals.


Identifies all sections under the Fish Inspection Act and Regulations and other relevant regulations, that must be enforced in order to achieve the objectives of the section.


Provides direction regarding the application of the regulation pertinent to the section.


Provides the step-by-step process to be followed when applying the regulations pertinent to this subject.


Provides a list of all forms and documents that are completed when following the procedures.

A Table of Contents is included in the Manual, listing the chapter and section titles. A cross-rference of regulations is also included.

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