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Archived - Test Results for Imported Food Products from Japan September-October 2012

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As part of the Government of Canada's response to the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) tested a range of imported food products from Japan for radioactivity. The following imported products were tested from September-October in 2012. Similar testing was completed between April and June 2011. All imported food products tested were below Health Canada action levels.

MDC is defined as the Minimum Detectable Concentration and is typically around 2 Bq/Kg. The CODEX Limits for radioactive particles (Cs-134, Cs-137, and I-131) is 1000 Bq/Kg for general consumption. The sample size used for the test is generally around 120 g and the method used is High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy.
Sample Product Cesium -137 Cesium -134 Iodine -131
1 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
2 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
3 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
4 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
5 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
6 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
7 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
8 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
9 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
10 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
11 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
12 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
13 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
14 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
15 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
16 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
17 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
18 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
19 Processed product 26 Bq/KgTable Note * 14 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC
20 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
21 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
22 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
23 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
24 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
25 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
26 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
27 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
28 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
29 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
30 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
31 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
32 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
33 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
34 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
35 Processed product 8 Bq/KgTable Note * 4 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC
36 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
37 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
38 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
39 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
40 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
41 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
42 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
43 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
44 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
45 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
46 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
47 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
48 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
49 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
50 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
51 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
52 Processed product <MDC <MDC <MDC
53 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
54 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
55 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
56 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
57 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
58 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
59 Processed Product 4 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC <MDC
60 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
61 Processed Product 80 Bq/KgTable Note * 48 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC
62 Processed Product 4 Bq/Kg* <MDC <MDC
63 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
64 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
65 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
66 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
67 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
68 Processed Product 20 Bq/KgTable Note * 13 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC
69 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
70 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
71 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
72 Processed Product 7 Bq/KgTable Note * <MDC <MDC
73 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
74 Grain Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
75 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
76 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC
77 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
78 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
79 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
80 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
81 Fish and Seafood <MDC <MDC <MDC
82 Processed Product <MDC <MDC <MDC

Table Notes

Table note *

While this product is above the Minimum Detectable Concentration, it does not pose a health risk to consumers. Health Canada has determined that the action level for this product is 1000 Bq/Kg. Action levels are the food safety thresholds for which a specific radionuclide should not exceed. Should these levels be exceeded, appropriate risk management action would be taken depending on the exposure and the potential impact of the product on humans.

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Health Canada's Total Diet Study measures the background levels of a number of chemicals and radionuclides in our food supply in order to estimate overall exposure. It is equivalent to a Market Basket Survey as recommended by the World Health Organization. The purpose of the study is mainly to help monitor overall exposure to contaminants (including radionuclides) and to ensure that exposure levels from all food sources are below levels of concern.

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