Reasons for Losing the Exemption

Foods that are usually exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table are required to display one (i.e. lose the exemption) when [B.01.401(3), FDR]:

  • a vitamin or mineral nutrient is added to the product;
  • a vitamin or mineral nutrient is declared as a component of an ingredient (other than flour);
  • aspartame, sucralose, neotame or acesulfame-potassium is added to the product
    • the presence/addition of sugar alcohols does not cause a loss of exemption
  • the product is ground meat, ground meat by-product, ground poultry meat or ground poultry meat by-product; or
  • the label or advertisement, made or placed by or on the direction of the manufacturer, contains one or more of the following:
    • a reference to the energy value or a nutrient (including constituents of nutrients) set out in the first column of the tables Core Nutrition Information and Additional Nutrition Information. This does not include:
    • a function claim;
    • a health claim;
    • a health-related name, statement, logo, symbol, seal of approval or mark (including trade-marks).
    • the phrase "nutrition facts", "valeur nutritive" or "valeurs nutritives"; or
    • a representation about or implying nutritional or health related properties or nutrient content claims.
      • gluten-free and other allergen-free claims are not considered to be nutritional or health-related properties on their own.
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