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Food import notices for industry

On this page you will find notices related to imported food. These notices are meant to communicate new information or important reminders to importers and other interested parties.

Date of notice
Topics Title
2020-10-02 Food-specific import requirements New import requirement: some California romaine to be tested for E. coli
2020-07-15 AIRS Changes to harmonized system (HS) codes
2020-06-11 Food Safety Requirements Ethanol in non-alcoholic fermented beverages
2020-03-16 Licensing How to properly declare a Safe Food for Canadians licence number on food import declarations
2019-12-19 Importing apricot kernels Cyanide in apricot kernels
2019-12-13 Licensing Apply for your Safe Food for Canadians licence to prevent delays or rejection at the border
2019-10-29 Meat imports from the US Completing the Official Meat Inspection Certificate forms for meat products from the United States
2018-12-21 AIRS Changes to harmonized system (HS) codes
2018-11-15 Licensing Coming into force of SFCR and the SFCR import licence
2015-03-27 Imports for UK CFIA Statement on Rejected Shipment of Products from the UK
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