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Conditions for importing meat products from South Korea (Republic of Korea)

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1. Meat inspection systems approvedFootnote 1

1.1 Poultry: slaughter, cutting, deboning and harvesting of edible meat by products.

1.2 Processing: comminuting, formulating, curing, cooking and canning of the meat inspection system approved.

2. Types of meat products accepted for import (based on animal health restrictions)

2.1 Fully cooked products derived from chicken only are allowed.

2.1.1 Hermetically sealed – shelf stable products- Ready-to-Eat (RTE)

2.1.2 Hermetically sealed – Frozen, but not shelf stable- Ready-to-Eat (RTE)

3. Additional certification statements/attestations required on the OMIC

3.1 For cooked chicken meat products:

"I hereby certify that:

3.1.1 The chicken meat has been cooked, reaching an internal temperature of at least 80°C.

3.1.2 The shelf stable product was subjected to heat treatment process achieving a minimum F0 value of 3 minutes and be adequate to achieve commercial sterility.

3.1.3 The fully cooked frozen non-shelf stable product was subjected to heating process to achieve 7D reduction in Salmonella. Additional details regarding preparation of ready-to-eat chicken products are available in Preventive control recommendations for manufacturing cooked ready-to-eat meat products.

3.1.4 The fully cooked frozen non-shelf stable products meet Canadian Listeria standards and were produced in a facility which had control measures in place for Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods. Details about the Canadian control measures are available in Control measures for Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat foods.

3.1.5 There was a complete physical separation between the uncooked and cooked poultry meat product areas of the processing establishment

3.1.6 The poultry meat was handled and prepared ensuring that there was no direct or indirect recontamination of the product after cooking and packaging

3.1.7 The raw material for the final product was sourced from slaughter houses where a pathogen reduction control program has been implemented to meet Canada's Poultry Pathogen Reduction Program.

4. For all meat and meat products:

"I hereby certify that:

4.1 The meat products covered by this certificate have been derived from animals that were humanely rendered unconscious in a reversible or irreversible manner prior to being bled.

4.1.1 Every precaution was taken to prevent direct or indirect contact during the processing and packaging of the meat product with any animal product or by-product derived from animals of a lesser zoo sanitary status

5. Labelling requirements

5.1 "I hereby certify that:

The products covered by this certificate meet the Canadian Labelling requirements for meat and poultry products.

6. Establishments eligible for export to Canada:

6.1 Refer to the List of foreign countries establishments eligible to export meat products to Canada.

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