For the new Safe Food for Canadian Regulations, you can review industry and operational guidance using our new Guidance Finder. If you still have questions after checking the Guidance Finder you can call us at 1-800-442-2342 or explore other contact options.

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Information about Acts and Regulations? Read the Acts and Regulations page.

Continue to use other CFIA channels such as

  • Your inspector when you have a question related to an ongoing CFIA inspection and/or investigation.
  • National Service Centres when you have a question of a transactional and/or administrative nature about permissions or inspections:
    • Centre of Administration - for information on operational administrative services required for domestic and import related permissions, including licences, permits, and registration, excluding export certification activities.
    • National Import Service Centre - for information on import request documentation or the date sent by the importing community across Canada, inquiries regarding the import requirements for all commodities regulated by the CFIA and the coordination for import shipments.
  • Destination Inspection Service - for information on destination inspections for buyers of shipped produce regarding the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Pre-Market Application Submissions Office (PASO) – for information about services and activities related to reviewing and processing applications for products requiring a CFIA pre-market approval (fertilizers and supplements, Plant Breeders' Rights, livestock feeds, veterinary biologics, crop varieties subject to registration, and plants with novel traits).
  • Complaints and Appeals when you have a compliment, complaint or appeal.
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