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The CFIA is responsible for regulating the safety and quality of food, animal and plant health in Canada. CFIA's official Guidance Documents provide the Agency's functional direction to its front line staff regarding their compliance verification activities. They also provide guidance to regulated parties regarding program requirements.

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A note on Food Guidance

The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations came into force on January 15, 2019. As a result, the CFIA has developed updated guidance for food. This information is now available in the Guidance Finder: Food.

Food guidance developed under previous regulations has been archived.

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Document Name Activities Date modified Type
Quality System Procedure 142.1: Pedigreed Seed Crop Inspection Authorized Crop Inspection, Inspection Procedures 2020-05-25 HTML
Specific Work Instruction 132.1.1 Seed Program - Official Seed Sampling Inspection Procedures, Labelling and Composition, Sampling 2020-01-29 HTML
Seed Program Quality System Procedure (QSP 142.2) – Licensing of Authorized Seed Crop Inspection Services and Licensed Seed Crop Inspectors Authorized Crop Inspection, Crop Inspection, Inspection Procedures 2020-06-01 HTML
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