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Canadian Food Inspection Agency peer review report on Switzerland's organic system – 2017
7. Enforcement of the OFO

7.1 Management of complaints

The FOAG does not deal directly with complaints. Complaints received by the FOAG are referred to the CAs or CBs to manage, depending on the nature of the complaint. However, the FOAG is required to address letters from public and international notifications.

7.2 Market control of organic products

The CAs are responsible for the market control of organic products (traceability) and fraud-related investigations within the framework of the Swiss Food Law.

CAs coordinate and lead the chemical residues investigations taking into consideration Directive 22 from 2015 issued by FSVO.

The CAs would take enforcement actions on the affected product. The CFIA team was informed that as soon as the testing reveals residues above 0.01 parts per million (ppm) the CA has the authority to stop the marketing of the product.

The CAs lead the investigation when chemical residues are detected in organic products at retail level and both the FOAG and the CBs are notified. The CFIA team noted that the CB involvement is very limited although they are the expert in certification.

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