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Registration requirements for fertilizers and supplements

Some fertilizers and most supplements regulated under the Fertilizers Act require registration and pre-market assessment prior to importation and sale in Canada. Registration requirements vary per submission type, class of fertilizer or supplement and risk profile of the product.

Registration triggers for fertilizers and supplements is intended to assist applicants in determining whether their product requires registration.

The information requirements detailed in the guide to submitting applications for registration under the Fertilizers Act are specifically designed to assist prospective registrants in preparing complete and well organized submissions to facilitate the file review process and ultimately expedite time to market. This document is accompanied by a submission preparation training that walks applicants through the file review process, to offer further guidance to prospective registrants.

The submission checklists offer further step-by-step instructions on the type of information required in a submission.


Registered products

The registered products list is a list of products registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the authority of the Fertilizers Act. The Registered Products List can be viewed by either company name or registered product type (Fertilizer-Pesticide, Micronutrients, Supplement, and Farm Fertilizer).

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