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Synopsis of SRM Composting Requirements

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1. Site needs to submit an application in order to obtain a permit.

2. Documentary evidence that composting permitted by local authorities (municipality / province).

3. Site plan and normal operating procedures.

4. Clear indication of the site at which composted SRM will ultimately be disposed e.g. letter of intent.

Compost Site Requirements

1. A physical barrier of some sort (e.g. fence and locked gate) which prevents entry of people and domestic ruminant livestock. Signage indicating contact info and hours of operation must be posted.

2. The base - It must be of limited porosity (1 x 10(-7) cm / sec or less). The base can be natural material e.g. clay or man-made e.g. concrete or liner / tarp as long as it's integrity will not be compromised (e.g. the tarp won't be ripped) by normal operating procedures at the site. If natural material is not clearly visible there would have to be evidence demonstrating its composition e.g. demonstrate that it is clay. The base in combination with the addition of a sufficient carbon source can be used to control leachate (leachate collection system).

3. Some form of barrier / or alternate approach is required to prevent scavenging and precipitation hitting the compost e.g. roof or cover (tarp) covering the entire compost pile. Adequate run off of precipitation can be ensured by placing compost pile on a slight hill (not a valley) or mounding the compost so that all precipitation will run off the sides of the cover.

4. Equipment that touches the compost must be dedicated or the parts of the vehicle that are in contact with SRM must be pressure washed before leaving the site.

5. Staff that work on the site must be trained.

6. Records must be kept in accordance with the regulations

Any sites / circumstances that do not meet the above will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis utilizing the process outlined in the document "criteria for evaluation of alternate approaches to controlling / destroying SRM" dated June 27, 2006.

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