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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by K.L. de Vries from (Munstersen x Fransen) and selected in the Netherlands in 1904.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1979
  • Registration number: 1933
  • Maturity: late

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium, erect to slightly spreading; stems few, strong, purplish.
  • Leaves: large, rigid, fairly dark dull green; midribs slightly arched.
    Primary leaflets: large, oval; tip acute; surface smooth; most are overlapping.
    Secondary leaflets: few, some large.
  • Flowers: appearing early, few, small, white;  fairly short peduncles.
  • Tubers: large, regular, long, oval, thick; smooth pale yellow skin; shallow eyes; light yellow flesh; on exposure to light, tubers become green with dark purple at the eyes.
  • Sprouts: dark bluish purple, very pubescent, develop rapidly.

Agricultural Features

High yielding, widely adapted, suffers very little from magnesium deficiency. Tubers keep fairly well (do not sprout early), have low starch content, are not subject to blackening of the flesh or second growth.

Because of high tuber set, recommended spacing in the row are 40 to 45 cm for table and 20 cm for seed production.

  • Utilization: excellent for boiling, baking, and french frying; good for chipping.
  • Chief Markets: seed exportation and fresh market.

Reaction to Diseases

Immune: virus A.
Moderately resistant: leaf roll.
Susceptible: common scab, fusarium dry rot (Fusarium oxysporum), potato wart, and viruses X and Y.
Highly susceptible: late blight.

References: 1, 6.

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