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Annex 1 - List of establishments approved to export to El Salvador


At present, Canada does not have market access for meat and meat products to El Salvador. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has been informed that the import permits issued for Canadian poultry, pork and beef by the El Salvador Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG) (Spanish only) have expired. In order to renew the import permits, MAG requires an onsite inspection of exporting establishmenhts.

Details on the establishments listed below can be found in the List of Federally Registered Meat Establishments and their Licensed Operators.

Establishments approved to export pork (as of June 19, 2015).

4, 12, 129, 147, 147C, 199, 270A, 391, 468, 484, 513

Establishments approved to export mechanically separated poultry meat (as of July 23, 2007).

92D, 208A, 275, 281

Establishments approved to export Beef (as of July 23, 2007).

38, 93

Changes to the list since January 2008. The details of most recent change(s) are identified by asterisks.
Establishment number Added on (date) Deleted on (date) Remarks
*14* 2015/05/13 Establishment closed
*419* 2015/06/19 Establishment closed
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